Dr. Danielle Greg - Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Greg is a clinical psychologist with over 15 years of education, training and experience in psychology and over a decade of experience as a psychotherapist.  She is licensed by the California Board of Psychology (PSY25007).  In her practice, Dr. Greg works with adults facing a wide variety of life challenges. Dr. Greg is passionate about psychotherapy and how it can transform lives and relationships.  She is actively involved in the psychology community, learning and teaching the most effective approaches to helping people create a satisfying life.     
Dr. Greg received her bachelor's degree in psychology from Pepperdine University with honors - Magna Cum Laude.  She later earned her clinical psychology doctoral degree from Pepperdine's Graduate School of Education and Psychology (a program accredited by the American Psychological Association).  Dr. Greg spent several years as a psychotherapist at the Pepperdine Community Counseling Center and then worked at Counseling and Wellness Services at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC).  At UNC, she was part of the Eating Disorder Treatment Team.  Dr. Greg has also spent much of her career working with families of children with special needs and previously served as a director at an autism treatment agency.

In 2016, Dr. Greg was honored as one of Pepperdine University's inaugural '40 Under 40 Alumni' for carrying out purpose, service and leadership in her career as a psychologist.